The Orient Garden City

The Orient is designed as City on land 100 hectares of table land, to guarantee the optimal ambience of its dream. 

This size of land when completed its site and services, would represent the visionary cardinal points, intentioned to complete the city and maintain a long-term benefit for the promoters and her subscribers.  

Orient garden would be zoned in three (3) arms. These arms would confidently and comfortably represent the CARDINALS, (WORK, PLAY AND LIVE).

Zone 1 – THE CRAFT

In this zone, we intend to subdivide it in two(2) established standard as A and B.

A) Would consist of commercial center. This would house the iconic structure where you would find the MORDEN OFFICES, partitioned to suit every intention of wide variety of subscribers, both formal and informal businesses.

This same area would house THE CINEMA, THE POLICE POST, CRECH NURSERY, SHOPPING MART, PHARMACY, SPAR, LOUNGE AND SHORT STAY APARTMENTS, managed by a world class facility management company.

B) This area would be clearly delineated from the commercial center to house the recreation centers, strictly for residence and their visitors. In this facility, you find the swimming pool area, sporting areas including gym and fitness center, long tennis, football pitch and golf course.


The severe gap for the emerging middle class to have a quality and secured environment for their housing needs has necessitated the creation of this environment in THE ORIENT. This community would house the middle class.

The plots on this area is between 500sqm to 900sqm, designed to either house a single unit dwelling homes on 500sqm or 2 units homes (single units detached or semi detached homes) on 900sqm.

Green areas, gardens and parks, play pen would be a common symbol associated in this environment with a massive green belt.

The streets on this zone would be named after some prominent Imo daughters, mothers or wives.


This community would be the flagship, the cynosure of the projects. The plots on this community are from 1350sqm to 1800sqm, spread to accommodate individual luxury, including gym, tennis courts, swimming pool and gardens.

Apart from the common garden, parks and walkways, there would also be an OBI (a common assembly) that consist of private Lounge, meeting rooms, pool area and gym. There would be a mini golf course and long tennis court.

The street here would be named after imo prominent sons and fathers.

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