The Estate Features

Apart from these common features, the estate would be designed with strict building codes, code of conducts, strictly guiding residence to build strictly on an approved building lines by the estate management building control team.


The entrance road accessing the estate would be  free flow dual carriage way of about 500m to 700m from the main road, terminating at a security control post before signal direction to either  BOURGEOIS OR GRANDEUR ZONES. 

The main entrance of both estate would also have a private lounge convenience for waiting visitors awaiting clearance. 


The internal roads is about 12 to 15 meters outside walkways and drainage. Each setback from each building would maintain minimum of 12 meters from the road. This is to allow greenery, flowers, plants and trees from each house for ample decorations.

An approximately 25 – 30km of roads will be constructed within the estate. Each Kilometer road includes Covered Drainage, Earthworks, Asphalt, Sidewalks of about 1.5 meters.


There will be  street lights  in all the internal and external roads controlled by central management team.   

This is to ensure that the estate is well lighted at night to create a serene ambient for residence.


There would be a central water system to supply the common facilities, fire hydrants, including gardens and parks. Sprinklers would be introduced in strategic places. 


Fire hydrants would be introduced at a distance decided by the project director depending on the zone to curb fire emergency.  


Fencing and brick works of the entire 100 Hectares of approximately 1,000,000 sqm will constructed to secure the perimeter of the entire estate. 


Building code can be seen in the building guideline document, to be procured from the building control team at the management department. The building control team would clearly describe the building foot prints and setbacks of every zone for strict adherence.


The title document which is in the name of the promoting company “ORIENT GARDEN CITY LTD”, will sign off individual titles, as either deed of sublease or deed assignment to each subscriber as may be advised by the legal team.


We intend to develop 30% of the land in first phase of the project, followed by another phase of 30% till we complete the project within our 48 months proposed timeline of the project development cycle (subject to subscription). 


We have access to funding from private equity investors, local banks and foreign investment banks.


One of the greatest setbacks we experience in the country is poor management and maintenance culture. These could be seen in most private and public facilities including roads and houses. This gap of adequate FM also affect the value and lifespan of facilities and infrastructures in the country and Imo State is not an exception.

We are also bringing differently, apart from the luxury and secured environment, a strong facility management team that would be independent, to ensure the maintenance of the estates is optimally maximised in the years to come.

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